Course Reviews

Having attended many other manual based courses & other programs take on tying manual therapy and vestibular rehab, this course wins hands down. Concise, pragmatic, and passionately devoted instructors make this a worthwhile investment. Expect residency-tier information and instruction.

Chris - Michigan

Harrison & Danielle’s approach to integration of treatment techniques for cervicogenic dizziness while addressing a complete evaluation of the neck to choose the best interventions that are evidence-based is the best around!

Joey - Mississippi

I wish I’d taken this when first practicing: the algorithm paints a clear picture of combining manual and vestibular. The combined approached is highly underrated but well supported by clinical results. Good to see research supporting it and an algorithm to mentally process how to rule in/out through the different areas.

Amy - Michigan

The systematic approach and algorithm is genius and the necessary approach in complete treatment.

Rob - Florida

Great course! I definitely learned alot and I am excited to use these new tools and knowledge in the clinic. There was alot of topics, knowledge and techniques covered in this class that I wasn’t well trained in and this course put it together for me.

Alrantxia - Tennessee

Good blend of evidence with practice. Thanks for including the summary of evidence but not getting bogged down in the details. Appreciated the amount of lab time with balanced lectures.

Randall - Michigan

I really like the focus of not getting stuck going in one direction but using all elements you have previously learned to get the best results.

Chrystal - North Carolina

The combination of information on all aspects of rehab, so you don’t have to be just an orthopedic PT, manual PT, or vestibular PT to benefit from it or understand it. Also, the book provided is the best handout I have ever gotten for a course.

Britt - Tennessee

The research incorporated & integrated into the class is phenomenal! The instructors were very professional, knowledgeable and personable.

Trevor - Virginia

The best collaboration & blend of manual and vestibular rehab that I’ve come across in my entire career.

Jess - North Carolina

The best instruction I’ve had in years! I hate research but Harrison made it easy.

Karen - North Carolina

Very researched based. Good student to instructor ratio. Extremely intelligent instructors who were well prepared.

Mary - North Carolina

It’s good to have manual and vestibular therapy together in the same course.

Sonia - Ontario

Fantastic review of differential diagnosis, evidence and overall treatment! Very informative and helpful clinical tools to utilize.

Caitlyn - Virginia

Harrison keeps his audience focused by his exuberant passion & excitement. Both instructors are very patient and knowledgable of the material.

Patsy - Hawaii

I highly recommend this course for any healthcare professional who should know how to differentiate between vascular, mechanical or vestibular dizziness!

Brett - Hawaii

Excellent course for those who treat head injuries, spine injuries, balance issues — pretty much any neuro or ortho PT.

Missy - Hawaii

Having a manual therapy background, I appreciate how Harrison & Danielle presented a unique approach in blending manual therapy and vestibular rehab in regards to differential diagnosis and treatment of dizziness/whiplash. Great class and algorithm!

Gary - Hawaii