What We Do

I had a few telehealth session with Vaughan. After following the routines he recommended I’ve seen a lot of improvement. I was feeling dizzy/lightheaded, these symptoms have greatly improved.

Veronica T.

As Physical Therapists and private-pay practice owners, we strive for the best results and outcomes for our patients.

We combine our specialities of manual therapy and vestibular rehabilitation in day to day practice to get unparalleled gains in patients who are not getting results with symptoms of neck pain and dizziness/vertigo.

We now provide that knowledge to you.


The lack of a specific skillset in vestibular and manual therapy should not be separated in clinical practice.

We teach you strategies to fully treat your neck pain, dizzy or imbalance patients.

You can use this information in orthopedic, neuro, vestibular, pediatric or geriatric setting.

We wanted to tackle this issue head on….And we have.

Welcome to our site.

The best collaboration and blend of manual & vestibular rehab that I’ve come across in my entire career.

Jess G - North Carolina